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AED  30.00 inc. VAT @ 5%

Reduce the water flushed through your WC with this 1.2 litre award winning hygenic displacement device.

AED  30.00 inc. VAT @ 5%

The Save-A-Flush is an award winning displacement device which fits into WC Toilet Tanks (of non-dual flush WCs over 7 litres in size). Made from a laminate envelope containing super-absorbent polymer, each bag saves 1.2 litres every time the toilet is flushed. Saving around 13 litres of water every day, this hygienic water saver can last many years in the WC. Save-A-Flush has won Australia's National Savewater Awards for Best Product and the Waterwise Marque in the UK.

  • Saves 1.2 litres per flush
  • Easy to fit inside WC cistern
  • On average saves over 4,800 litres per year
  • Hygienic option to a plastic bottle
  • Award winning
  • Measures 187mm x 218mm
  • Laminate/polymer construction
  • Atomization requires supply pressure >1 bar
  • 3 year warranty
  • Cannot be used in dual flush or high effficiency toilets

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