“Water is more important than oil”
His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Nahyan
Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces (18th January 2012 )

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In a country that depends heavily on desalination to supply its population with clean water, it is crucial that businesses and consumers alike take part in helping preserve our precious supply. The quality of life for the UAE’s growing population and the future growth of its economy and infrastructure depends on water.

While resources are limited, the UAE has one of the highest water consumption rates in the world. The water that comes out of your tap has been desalinated, treated and transported to your home. By reducing your water usage, you’ll help to reduce the UAE’s dependence on desalination and its carbon footprint.

Did you know ?

In the event of a water crisis, the UAE only has enough water stored to last the country five days.

UAE Green Building

Whilst at the moment there is no legislation for maximum allowable flow rates in existing buildings, we can use the green building legislation and recommendations for new buildings as a guideline for acceptable water consumption flow rates:

Abu Dhabi’s ESTIDAMA Rating System
Shower 9.5 litres/min
Wash Basin Taps 6.0 litres/min
Kitchen Taps 6.0 litres/min
Bidet 6.0 litres/min
Bidet Spray 6.0 litres/min
Toilet WC Dual Flush 6.0/4.0 litres/flush
DEWA’s Green Building Regulations
Shower 8.0 litres/min
Wash Basin Taps 6.0 litres
Kitchen Taps 7.0 litres/min
Bidet 6.0 litres/min
Bidet Spray 6.0 litres/min
Toilet WC Dual Flush 6.0/3.0 litres/flush

Dubai Municipality (DEWA)

Green Building Regulations & Specifications

Page 68 (601.01)
Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council (QCC)

Water Flow Rate Regulator Certification

Page 4 (5.2)
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC)

ESTIDAMA Pearl Rating Manual

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