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HOME WATER AUDITS for your Entire Home

AED  200.00 AED  300.00 inc. VAT @ 5%

Arrange a comprehensive water usage survey of your home to identify areas where savings can be made.

The SaveWaterUAE Home Water audit for your entire home is a comprehensive survey of existing water usage. Conducted by our experienced technicians, the audit includes a full inventory of water consuming devices with an accurate measurement of existing flow rates and flush volumes. Recommendations to help you save water in your home will be made at time of the audit, with a full report generated and sent with 48 hours. If you choose to proceed with the recommendations at the time of the audit, you will receive a 20% discount on the water saving devices with free installation.

  • Professionally conducted home water audit
  • Comprehensive report illustrating achievable % savings
  • Option to install water saving devices at time of audit
  • Discount available on water saving devices
  • Practical tips given on water saving

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