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AERATORS for your Bidets

AED  25.00 inc. VAT @ 5%

Save up to 70% by fitting an aerator water saving device to your existing faucet/tap. Achieve a pleasantly abundant controlled soft aerated water flow without effecting pressure.

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The NEOPERL CASCADE PCA SLC Aerator Insert can be easily fitted to your existing bidet tap, reducing flow to either 3.8 litres/min (1.0 GPM) or 5.7 litres/min (1.5 GPM) (regardless of pressure fluctuations) - saving up to 70% water compared to standard aerators. It is made of a strong one piece plastic interior construction and features a silicon tip which prevents limescale buildup. Use when you need to replace the insert only in your original faucet housing. This aerator is regular size and produces a soft aerated water flow.

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