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TIMERS for Your Showers

AED  35.00 inc. VAT @ 5%

Save water and energy by using ShowerBob’s simple 4 minute waterproof shower timer.

The ShowerBob is a waterproof sand timer which runs for 4 minutes. ShowerBob's aqua blue colour will brighten up any bathroom. The hour glass is big (70mm) and easy to read - even in a steamy shower. Simply wet and stick the suction cup firmly to a clean surface, turn the timer and start showering. ShowerBob acts as a prompt not to spend too long in the shower. It's shatterproof too, with no sharp angles or glass - safe for all the family.

  • 4 minute timer
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to see in the shower
  • Safe for all the family
  • No plumber needed
  • Inexpensive and simple to use
  • Shatterproof construction

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