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ATOMIZER AERATORS for your Wash Basin Taps

AED  25.00 AED  32.00 inc. VAT @ 5%

Save up to 98% by fitting an atomizer aerator water saving device to your existing faucet/tap. Achieve an atomised water flow perfect for wash basin applications.

The NEOPERL atomizers are special patented aerators with a minimal flow rate with savings up to 98% achievable. The atomization is achieved by dispersing the water into tiny droplets. By contrast with the very small amount of water used, the wetted surface is quite huge. These atomizer aerators inserts are available in two Single Jet options – 0.1 litres/min (0.02 gpm) and 0.25 litres/min (0.06 gpm) as well as Triple Jet option – 0.6 litres/min (0.15 gpm). These inserts can be easily fitted into existing tap aerator housings. The atomizer is part of NEOPERL´s ultra-low flow product solutions portfolio.

  • Saves up to 98% water
  • Easy to fit to existing tap
  • Atomized water stream
  • Single jet nozzle spray 0.1 litres/min (0.02 gpm) and 0.25 litres/min (0.06 gpm) options @3 bar
  • Triple jet nozzle spray 0.6 litres/min (0.15 gpm) @ 3 bar
  • Designed to fit all standard tap brands
  • Not to be used with taps connected to pressureless boilers
  • Atomization requires supply pressure >1 bar
  • Regular use is required to prevents stagnation in the supply and to maintain water quality
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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